Loud & Proud Sunglasses – SUMMER ‘22

Prepare to big, or, well - stay home
Over the past year and a half, it has been noticeable that as consumers we’ve been looking for more conscious shopping, we have been looking for practicality, lightness, and versatility – day-to-day - EASY EYEWAER for any situation that will come our way as our reality is surely filled with surprises.
While reviewing the S/S ’22 runways this perception may fade away once we go outside and spend less time at home. It’s the reawakening of statement eyewear.  We want that extra groovy feeling, luckily for us the transitions and movement between past and future have become much easier and more relevant than ever - from 50’s inspired retro cateye frames, to aviator frames, XXL inspired by the 70’s as well as futuristic masked frames.


    Always the right choice. Follows with a diverse interpretation. This season you’ll notice the BLACK RETRO CATEYE, with more prominent and daring angles. Light colors such as white, beige, nude and sand will also stand out, in addition to golden and silver mirror lenses that will be integrated into the trend by combining them with small metal frames.


    The all-time classic. This season oversized glasses will rule. From black and massive acetate frames, or a warmer alternative - classic tortoises  and marbles alongside more unique and colorful combinations that fall under this category. Extra-large eye-catching logos in extravagant shapes. As for metal glasses, the combination will be with lenses in deep and noticeable colors.

    The one that is always possible to SHARE with your partner. Within the acetate category, you can find classic combinations of green lenses and frames in different shades. For those of you who are more daring  go for the “redhead” inspired patterns, of course beginners can find more subtle options. We can also notice metallic classics and prominent metallic elements like side-caps and logos. In addition, dark retro frames with saturated colored lenses inspired by the happy disco days.
    Narrow and flattering lines. The right level of minimalism and precision inspired by the nineties. Just like the black dress here everyone needs - THE LITTLE BLACK FRAME. This season the narrow frames will also reflect in special angles that add chic and glam, in addition to intense and uncompromising color for anyone who has adopted the color block trend from head to toe and wants their shades in the exact same color.
    Eternal and fiery style! With a straight top finish that is narrow enough to still show the eyebrow line. The style is named so because it resembles the letter D lying on its side, some also know it as "half-moon".
    This is a great choice for both men and women. Whether it's classic models (which served as a prototype) that will always pick up any look with a modern interpretation, in an exaggerated cut that is hard to ignore as well as futuristic goggles. In addition to, classic color combinations of black and brown in matte and glossy finishes with dark lenses. If you’re up for an out of the box style - Try an oversized frame with mirror lenses and semi-transparent crystalline colors.