New Collection S|S 2023

New Collection S|S 2023

The universal trend emerging in the updated trends of the S/S '23 collection is that of breaking free from outdated stigmas and definitions. By using this inspiration, we were able to create a wide and diverse range of styles that are influenced by contemporary references and adapted from global fashion. Over 120 new sunglasses and about 70 eyeglass models allow us to find the right pair for almost everyone. Let's dare, break conventions, and feel like a boss! It starts the moment you walk out the door into your day. Your first impression will always be a statement.

Athletic Mood - Selecting sunglasses from the athletic collection will perfectly highlight your "uniqueness". Featuring pointed blades and bold colors, these sunglasses are sure to turn heads. The classic sporty presence takes center stage in the world of contemporary style with a perfect combination of a futuristic vibe.



Bio Acetate - ECO-aware mini collection made from sustainable bio-acetate. The designs allow you to be inventive and create a super trendy and young look. This geometric style boasts a precise dose of vintage charm with its geometric cut and palette of shades. The use of sustainable bio-acetate provides an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastics, reducing the environmental impact of production.


Colorful Tint - With the collection of colored lenses, everyone will be able to pick the most vibrant accessory for their closet. Based on the latest trends in fashion, the designs combine iconic styles with dizzying colors to create the hipster look desired by many. The lenses are specially designed to provide a unique color etc.

The Frameless - In the Frameless Collection, the choice of sunglasses ensures a restrained look that lets minimalism shine through. In addition to clean, classic lines, the designs influence the hottest fashion trends for an elegant, effortless statement. This refined style allows you to stand out.

Perfect Casual - There will always be a consensus in fashion regarding classic designs. Unisex style and timeless shapes, with a contemporary touch are included in the Perfect Casual collection. Warm tones and classic frames lend an urban look, a must-have both within and outside the city.
Retro Groove - Fashion-forward designs make up this sparkling collection. The collection's elements and details take you back in time - iconic frames full of presence and a unique style that cannot be overlooked. It's the look of maximum self-confidence that creates glam and style.
The Shield - For the boldest look at the party, you don't need much more than single-lens sunglasses. Oversized lenses are framed in mega fashionable frames for an iconic and super photogenic look. Designs with an unapologetic use of color that guarantee an electrifying dominant etc.
Black&Bold - This fashionable look of eyeglasses results in frames that have presence while maintaining clean and elegant lines. Black and Bold features striking, unapologetic shapes that make it feel crisp and super relevant. The frames feature bold silhouettes with a modern twist and a unique look that stands out from the traditional styles.
GeometriChic - With geometric and angular designs that create a precise and light appearance. Combined with the multitude of details on the frames, the minimalist lines create a sophisticated look with a touch of retro flair. These glasses will frame your face perfectly and add some classic flair to your unique look.
Honey Crystal - Eyeglasses designed in a unique and clean style that elevates "geek chic" to another level. This collection is characterized by a rainbow of transparent crystal colors in warm shades of amber and honey for a sophisticated bohemian touch. The glasses are designed to appeal to individuals who appreciate the beauty of subtle details.

The Color - Your eyewear is the ultimate first impression. The ability to recreate yourself constantly is super relevant in relation to your main accessory. With our The Color Collection, you reinvent your appearance with bright and vibrant colors. If you love color, you can enter our candy store and choose a unique piece just for you.

The Pilot - Our legendary Aviator frames are updated according to the hottest trends. Renewed iconic designs make a distinct and effortless fashion statement. Whether you choose a meticulous suit or jeans and a t-shirt - you can count on them to do the job for you wherever you land. The frames also use advanced materials to ensure a comfortable and lightweight fit, while the iconic designs are updated with modern elements to provide a timeless fashion statement.